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Find those backlinks that will get your website ranking higher in search engine results.

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Perform a thorough analysis of inbound links.

Perform an analysis of backlinks, find inbound links from high authority domains and start building your own portfolio. Benchmark how you match to your competitors and find opportunities to gain more of those high-quality links.

Understand backlinks profile of your website

Complete backlink analysis

  • Perform a detailed analysis of the backlink profile of your website. 
  • Gain insights on the number of inbound links, including “do-follow” and “no-follow links.
  • Find opportunities for high-quality backlinks with our tool. 

Analysing your competitors backlinks will help you gain your own

Analyse your competition

  • See which authoritative domains are linking to your competitors. 
  • What anchor texts are they using to link to your competition?   
  • Start building links with the domains that you deem a great fit for your business.

Gather all that backlink info to make accurate decisions based on backlink strategy

Gain vital backlink information

  • Understand referring domain authority, referring page authority, and spam score of the domain.  
  • See the anchor’s text distribution to understand what are the most important keywords to use. 
  • Learn what kind of content management platforms are linking back to your site.

Understanding your progress will set out your website for success

Track your progress over time

  • See how your efforts are paying off by looking at the number of backlinks over time. 
  • Analyse in numbers how many referring domains and inbound links you’ve gained and lost.  
  • Compare your historical analysis to the current one and see where you can improve.

Discover technical SEO issues of your website with the help of our Backlink Checker tool.

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