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Your use of seobase will allow you to track your search engine rankings in thousands of countries, cities and states and make use of device-based tracking information, make informed decisions based on daily reports, and much more.

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Tracking Overview

The metrics display all data for the tracked website based on the current keyword positions and their search volumes.

Desktop vs Mobile platforms

You are able to create trackings for desktop and mobile platforms in Seobase. Track both platforms to get a full picture of your site's performance.


By selecting different dates you will see that metrics for keywords and for the tracked website overall will be changing.

Track Metrics

The goal of metrics tracking is to know the organic traffic potential of your website. The metrics reflect the changes of rankings in real time.

Adding Keywords to Tracking

You can add new keywords to existing tracking with an option to tag them. Duplicate keywords will be removed automatically.

Position History

Position history chart represents the rankings position over a period of time for a selected keyword only.

Ranking URLs

The list of URLs for a selected keyword gives you an idea of what URLs give keywords that rankings and the estimated visits that come from this URL.

Search Volume History

The chart displays the search volume numbers per month for a selected keyword and gives you an overall great representation of how good this keyword is, how much users are searching for it, whether it is a popular keyword or not.

Assigning Tags to Keywords

Using tags is great if you want to categorize the tracked keywords.

Filtering Keywords by Tags

Use color-coded tags and assign them to specific keywords to stay organized. Using tags is great if you want to categorize the tracked keywords.

User Invitation

You can easily invite and manage up to 30 users in your team.

User Roles

Invited user roles can be specified. Depending on a role, users will have different permissions within the system.

Multi-person Assigning

Let your clients or teammates see the rankings thanks to the report feature. Your clients have the ability to be aware of tracked keywords Performance Index, Estimated Visits, Keyword Position Flow and Keyword Position Distribution in scheduled reports.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reports

Scheduled reports will keep you and your team updated on the most important changes.

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