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seobase rank tracker - rank higher on Google

6 Steps to Rank Higher on Google

Needless to say, the Internet plays a really important role in our daily lives - everyone is using it either to socialize, communicate with friends or promote business. So if you want your business to be found online, you need to get your website to the top of Google search engine results (also known as SERP). To get to the top spot on Google, you will need not only to provide the content relevant to your target audience but also to optimize your website according to Google’s standards. This process is called search engine optimization or SEO.           

SEO helps rank higher by providing quality content and links to your organization. The main goal is to provide the most relevant content that people search for on the internet. SEO is often seen not merely as a means for enhancing online visibility for a website or blog but also as an art form. 

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In this article, we will review steps that will get you to the top of Google’s SERPs.    Here’s the list of main types of pages available in Google search engine results: 

  1. A paid ad

It is a paid advertisement on a website and attracts more traffic. It is used if you want more exposure to your website. It costs less than the organic pages because most people have already seen your ad online, so it is not worth much money.

  1. Organic

These are the pages where there has been a direct link from someone searching for something on Google, for example, when someone made an inquiry about SEO Services and wants to find a good service on the internet.

  1. A Google Product Listing

It is a web page promoting a product on Google and can be on top of the page. It will cost you depending on the importance of the product and how many people search for that product.

  1. A Google Map Listing

It is a web page that leads to your website or a location on the map. It can be for your company, specific business, or popular locations among people. It will cost you depending on the importance of the listing.

1. Improve Your On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO is optimizing your website to create an environment that search engines can easily understand. It aids in getting a higher ranking as it shows Google that your site is relevant and unique. When you make a search engine aware of your page, it is easier for Google to understand the page and content. There are tools available that are designed to help you improve your website. A good example of this is the Google Webmaster Tools. It helps you monitor your website's performance, changes in your keyword rankings, and more. Checking your website frequently will keep it up-to-date and enable you to make quick changes if any big problems occur.

2. Add Long-tail Keywords To Your Page

Long-tail keywords should be added to the pages in your website that have more than 0.5% of their traffic coming from search engines. The easiest way to add keywords is by using Google AdWords Keyword Tool; it is an online tool that helps you choose those relevant keywords for your website. This tool helps you find the best keywords to use on your website.

3. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media platforms are a great way to promote yourself and your business; you can gain more traffic to your site by using them properly. Social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. It allows you to create an account and promote your business by updating your profile with information about your services or products; you can also set up pages for your business and use them to promote your business by adding relevant information about it.

4. Optimize Your Site For Mobile Devices

As more people are starting to use mobile devices, you must optimize your website for these devices. If Google detects that they are not being displayed correctly, they will either locate the page lower in their search engine result page or eliminate it. When your website fails to display on these devices, you lose out on a big segment of internet users.

5. Match Your Content to Search Intent

Your content must be relevant to the search query that has brought visitors to your website. When you understand what your audience wants, you can give it to them; and this will help create trust between you and your readers. Furthermore, if you can't match the content on your website with what people want, Google will think that you are trying to scam its users, which could lead to a drop in your search ranking.

6. Build Quality Backlinks To Your Website

A link is a connection between your website and another website or webpage with similar or related information; there are two types of links that one can use within a website: internal and external. Internal Backlinks If you want to get a high ranking in Google, it's important that you build both internal and external backlinks to your website. Internal backlinks are links that are created within your website. An example of this is when you have a blog post on your website that has several other articles; by doing this, you will be able to build links from pages with the same information as yours.

Ranking Factors

Several factors will help you rank higher in Google for a particular search query. Rank tracker tools allow you to monitor how well you are doing in the ranking factors.

  • Find and eliminate non-performing keywords

A keyword that performs well in search rankings typically has negative and positive effects on your website and business. Non-performing keywords are easy to rank for but do not drive any traffic. An example of this is when a business ranking high for the keyword "Pest Control Sydney"; this will rank them high for the search query but will not bring any traffic to their website.

  • Pick a keyword to rank higher for

Picking the right keyword is important because it can lead to you getting more visitors than keywords that are not related. To understand how a particular business ranks in Google, you need to analyze how they rank for similar keywords, which brings up the importance of finding out what other similar businesses are doing.

  • Figure out why you're being outranked

Analysis of your site will help you identify weaknesses and focus on improving your site. When you have a site that ranks for multiple keywords, you need to understand why the pages rank higher for each keyword separately. It will help you discover where your website is weak and help you improve it. Google Analytics is an invaluable tool for analyzing your website's traffic regularly.

  • Beat the other pages where it matters

Ranking higher in search engines is not an easy task, and it is often frustrating when you discover that pages are ranking higher than yours even though they have less content or a poorly-done website. Solving this problem involves dealing with the content on your website.

  • Track Rankings

One can use a rank tracker, but the best tool is Google Analytics; it is indispensable for marketers and analysts who want to monitor their website's performance. The information on your site will help you track the performance of your website with certain factors. You can also check out other available tools to help you analyze the performance of your website. One can use a Rank tracker SEO, a tool specifically designed to help you find out how you rank for certain keywords and if one can use it to analyze the performance of your website.

  • Repeat for Other Keywords

It is important to repeat the process for other keywords in which you want to rank well. To find these keywords, you can look at your competitor's websites and take notes on what they are doing. A rank tracker google is important in helping you track your rankings for specific keywords. You can also use a Google keyword planner tool that helps you find out the search volume of a specific keyword and helps you prioritize which keywords to focus on based on the search volume.


As you can see, there are numerous things that you can do to get more traffic to your website. By understanding what Google is looking for, you will know exactly how to put your website at the top of the search results. The best way to ensure that your website ranks at the top of the search results is to use Google Analytics, seobase rank tracker, and the right keywords.

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