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tool Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer

Find relevant keywords that will take your business to the top of the search results with the help of the Keyword Explorer tool

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Explore keywords and outperform your competition in search

Keyword Explorer allows you to discover keywords and find relevant keyword ideas that will help you get to the top of SERP results

Related Keywords

Keyword analysis made easy so that you can focus on rankings growth ASAP

  • Find keywords you can easily rank for without spending a fortune on wrestling with your competition. We’ve got the most accurate search volume data on the market you can rely on.
  • Get historical search data to analyze seasonal trends and adapt your content according to what your potential customers would like to see.
  • Looking to optimize your local SEO efforts? Find local SERP results and long tail keywords in more than 60,000 locations worldwide.
Keyword Explorer 1
Ideas and Suggestions

Use ideas and suggestions features to find relevant keywords

  • Outrank your competitors in SERPs by finding the keywords opportunities with our ideas and suggestions features. This will help you understand which keywords the sites rank for and make an informed decision on which one you should use in your SEO efforts.
  • Get an idea of the most popular short and long-tail keywords that contain your seed keyword in search results with the help of our Suggestions feature.
  • All of the data you will find in the Ideas and Suggestions modules are supported by 12 months of historical data.
Keyword Explorer 2
Analyze SERP Results

Examine SERP results for specific keywords

  • Get precise SERP results for keywords in specific locations. Analyze monthly search trends for selected keywords.
  • Find out what influences engagement in the organic results for keywords. Make a calculated decision on what keywords you need to use to outrank your competition.
Keyword Explorer 3
SEO Tool for Local SEO Results

Perform local keyword research

  • Find location-specific keywords that you can easily rank for. We have many locations to choose from.
  • Check historical search results for each keyword.
Keyword Explorer 4

Outrank your competitors by finding relevant keywords