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Rank Tracker

Monitor your website’s desktop and mobile ranking in thousands of countries, cities and states with the Rank Tracker tool

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Grow your online visibility

Track your search engine rankings in thousands of countries, cities and states and make use of device-based tracking information, make informed decisions based on daily reports, and much more

Trackings Overview

Track rankings for desktop and mobile

  • Track your website’s desktop and mobile rankings and see how visible your website is based on the keywords you used.
  • Select different dates and analyze how your website’s metrics change over time.
  • Explore the organic traffic potential of your website in real time.
Keyword Management

Add new keywords to existing tracking and create tags

  • Position History chart represents the rankings position for a selected keyword over a certain period of time.
  • Search Volume History chart displays the number of searches per month for a selected keyword. It gives you an overall representation of how good this keyword is, how many users are searching for it, whether it is a popular keyword or not.
Tag Management

Assign tags to keywords

  • Categorize tracked keywords.
  • Use color-coded tags and assign them to specific keywords to stay organized.
Easy Reporting

Let your clients or teammates see the rankings using the report feature

  • Create daily, weekly, monthly or custom reports.
  • Scheduled reports will keep you and your team updated on the most important changes.

Start tracking your search engine rankings!