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using Google Trends for market research

How to Use Google Trends For SEO

The term Google Trends may not be strange to you, or you have encountered it before. However, many marketers, website owners, and SEOs don't know much about how Google Trends for SEO work. Of course, you need practical advice about using Google Trends to find a niche or use Google Trends for market research. Google Trends can help you in several ways by following Google Trends search volume and monitoring top trending searches on Google. Thus, Google will know niche trends and trends in SEO. In this post, seobase will discuss more information about Google Trends for SEO.

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What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free SEO tool that helps marketers identify trending topics and trends. The tool analyzes the popularity of Google search terms using real-time data.  Initially, the tool was designed to help journalists by showing them what people are searching for based on time, season and location. And since the world of journalism and marketing has a lot in common, marketers use Google Trends for SEO. With Google trending searches, you can use this information to inform your marketing strategy. You want to grab the attention of as many people as possible using relevant and interesting information for the audience.  Thus, Google Trends shows you what topics are currently trending and how to use Google Trends to find a niche and attract the attention of your chosen audience. 

Why Should You Use Google Trends for Marketing?

Marketers use Google Trends for SEO because they understand the importance of capitalizing on trends. You may not be a content creator, or the content may not be at the top of your priority list. However, you should know how to use Google Trends. Here is an explanation of using Google Trends for market research:

Find interesting topics

It would be best if you always found trending topics your readers are interested in and want to read. Some SEOs can make a common mistake as they focus on SEO and focus on keywords and sometimes lose sight of what visitors want to read. Therefore, knowing how to use Google Trends to find a niche is always advisable, as it is a great way to see what interests people the most. The tool will show you the top trending searches on Google. Thus, you can decide whether it is worth creating content about it or not. Pay close attention to the fact that not everything popular and a trend is necessarily suitable for you. Always consider choosing trends and topics that suit your industry.

Inspire creativity

Google Trends for SEO works effectively for writing both readable and visual content. In addition, the tool helps you find out what your audience wants to see. Furthermore, it helps you create attention-grabbing content for your website and shows your target audience that you understand them and know precisely what they want.

Identify and leverage seasonal trends.

If your industry is seasonal and the flow of content cannot be determined. Or if you cannot determine the audience's needs, tendencies, or the topic they want to talk about. The tool helps you to create this content and determine the trends of your audience. You can use Google Trends to see when your audience's trends for your industry are at their peak. Google Trends for SEO

5 Ways to Use Google Trends for Marketing

You can take some actionable steps related to Google Trends for SEO. These steps will make a difference in your various marketing campaigns. Let's go through the steps below:

Get ideas for blog posts.

Producing unique content that readers love is not simple and takes a lot of steps and time, especially if you want optimized content to rank well on Google. Hence, you need to use unique tools and know Google niche trends.  Using Google Trends for market research, you can find new and exciting topics to write about. Google Trends for SEO provides you with specific topics and queries about popular search terms. Also, top trending searches on Google.

Get ideas for social media campaigns.

Building strong and popular social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or maybe TikTok is a bit tricky. You may need to attract a large number of social followers and constantly come up with interesting content to promote. Thus, you can take advantage of Google Trends search volume. Therefore, you can use the related queries section to identify popular topics and build designs and versions around them.

Use Google Trends to improve SEO

One of the essential pillars of successful SEO is organic research. Google Trends for SEO enables you to achieve this element for the success of your website SEO strategy. It can also help with keyword research. Moreover, you can use years of data and compare it to see if the topic is evergreen or if it is the top trending searches on Google in a specific period only. After that, you can use the seobase Keyword Explorer Tool to complete your keyword research.

Find long-tail keywords for paid campaigns.

If you are going to pay money, you must know where that money is going. Plus, it is important to get a satisfactory result after you pay those amounts. Finding the right long-tail keywords for your paid campaigns is critical to your success. Discovering keywords faster makes the use of paid ads more profitable. Google Trends for SEO can help you do this easily. 

Find trending topic ideas for webinars.

Google Trends can help you reach the right people when creating a webinar. In addition, the current trending topics in social media and PPC ads can be used to get the attention of these people. Using the unique Google Trends for SEO tool makes your website SEO plan more successful and effective. Moreover, it will make it easier for you to make your project a success, as you will easily find Google niche trends. There should be no guesswork or risk between proper keyword research and Google Trends.

Google Trends for SEO: Conclusion

Clarifying trends is vital for all marketing specializations; the trend is where you get your audience and leads. Your target audience is actively searching for things on Google, and you need to know audience trends. Therefore, using Google Trends for SEO can help you a lot. seobase provides an excellent opportunity to improve your website's visibility on search engines using our online SEO tools


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