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Rank Tracker

Get your SEO ranking through the roof with Rank Tracker

Try our seobase's rank tracking tool to get the best results for your SEO efforts and outrank your competitors. It will blow your mind how quickly you can increase your search engine rankings. seobase rank tracker has it all for you to achieve your SEO goals and be where you need to be.

Beat Your Competition Using Our Rank Tracker

  • Tracking tool for any websites
  • Track your rankings on a weekly or daily basis
  • All rank results in a clean, simple to understand format
  • Mobile ranking monitor included free of charge.

Rank Tracker helps you stay ahead of the game and work towards your targets by keeping you up to date with your progress and any changes that may be occurring on your websites. You can also track impressions against clicks to accurately measure the traffic you are getting from each keyword ranking for a set period. It is beneficial to determine how many people visit your site after clicking through from the search engines or advertising campaigns. This not only helps you see which keywords are driving traffic the most, but it also shows which keywords are still working well over time. Using Tracking tool will make it easy for you to decide whether specific keywords are still worth investing in or if they no longer provide enough return on investment (ROI) for your business.

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Choose Domains and Keywords to Monitor For (Get Daily Rankings for Domains, Subdomains, Keywords, and Estimated Traffic)

1. Get Daily Rankings for Domains

Daily tracking is the best way to ensure that you are on top of any changes in your search engine positions. Tracking tool allows you to check back over time and see how your website has progressed or changed position against your competitors or chosen keywords. You can then alter or improve your page content to ensure that it meets all of Google's current requirements, which could have altered since the last time you checked.

2. Track Your Rankings on A Weekly or Daily Basis

You can choose to be sent these reports weekly or daily, and it is good practice to set yourself a reminder every week so you don't forget. Being proactive about your SEO approach is one of the most important things you can do as part of your business development plan. Our tracking tool will help with this by providing feedback whenever you need it.

3. All Rank Results in a Clean, Simple to Understand Format

Tracking tool provides its users with all the information they could ever want from their website ranking data but does so in a to-read format that anyone can understand. Whether you are a business owner looking to improve your website, or someone interested in SEO who wants to know more about how it works, Tracking tool makes it easy for people at all levels of expertise to use the data provided.

4. Mobile Ranking Monitor Included Free Of Charge

We think phone screens are generally too small for most people to comfortably read the results they receive from using our tracking tool. For this reason, we have provided mobile users with a dedicated platform that presents them with the latest search engine rankings for websites on one screen. This may seem like a minor addition, but many folks spend hours every day browsing their phones and checking social media, so having all related information available in one place will help them.

5. Daily Keyword Ranking Data Report

Daily keyword ranking data report gives you everything you need to know about how your page is performing against specific keywords. This includes where it ranks for these terms and the estimated amount of traffic coming from each term, along with its corresponding CPC value. You can also see which URLs are directing traffic to your website and how successful they are in click-through rate (CTR). Knowing how much competition exists for specific terms will help you improve your rankings by showing you what keywords may be worth targeting first. Other than this, tracking CTR will show you how many people visit your website due to searching for your chosen term rather than just visiting automatically without any input.

7. Speed Checker

Tracking tool comes with a built-in speed tester tool that allows you to run several tests on your website, with results based on averages taken from thousands of sites. All of these features are available for access via one simple signup form, which will give you full membership to our rank tracking tool for periods ranging between 7 and 365 days, depending on your chosen plan.

Leverage Your Data and See Your Progress Which Is Available Both on Desktop and Mobile Devices

1. Manage All Your Accounts from a Single Interface

Tracking tool allows you to keep track of different affiliate or client accounts on one simple platform. This means that if you have several websites that need to be regularly tracked against keywords and those already ranking for specific terms, then our tool makes it easy for you to manage them all from one place. It is also ideal to see how two or more competing websites are doing in the search engine rankings, as this is something that many rank tracking tools do not allow users to do. As with most of our SEO tools for Google, we designed Tracking tool so that beginners and experts alike would find it helpful and easy to use – so everyone can access their data at any time.

2. Rankings History

Our rank tracking tool provides you with daily reports about how your website has been performing against different keywords over the last fourteen days (depending upon which plan you purchase). This can be anything from customer satisfaction levels to average product review scores or even the number of signups you receive on your mailing list after tweeting about a new post. You can also see how these numbers have changed over time by checking out our rankings history tool that allows users to analyze their data in the same format as the rest of tracking tool's features. All this information is carefully presented in an easy-to-read graph so that you can easily track statistical changes over periods of up-to-14 days, depending on the price plan you choose.

3. Website Audit

Tracking tool is the only rank tracking tool to let you keep an eye on how your website appears in search results for different terms while also allowing you to check out other websites that appear when people look for content similar to yours. Once you have found some of your main competitors, our audit feature will allow you to look at their website in detail and determine what's working for them so that you can use this information in any future SEO ranking s or marketing campaigns. This will include everything from implementing specific keywords into their site (for example, copy vs. metadata) to the overall design layout and receiving traffic from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Assign Tags to Multiple Keywords

1. Multi-Account Tracking

With our tracking tool, you can add as many clients and projects as you need from a single account. Unlike other services on the market, we have made it incredibly easy to add new websites or social media accounts by giving you the option to specify a website URL or enter in your API key for Facebook or Twitter. This means that if your client wants to take out ads with Google AdWords, then their campaigns will be tracked against keywords automatically via an API. That allows Google ranking system to recognize when someone has clicked on one of their ads and go straight back to their site (without ever leaving Tracking tool).

2. Assign Tags

In addition to our multi-account tracking capabilities, we have included a nifty feature that allows users to assign tags - or categories - based upon the terms they are ranking for. This means that if your website sells different products and services, you could assign them each their tag so that tracking tool can determine which list of keywords pertains most closely to each product.

Create Flexible Reports

1. Flexible Reports

With rank tracker, you can create custom reports that fit your exact business needs. Unlike many other tracking tools on the market, we have made sure that our software is truly flexible and customizable by allowing users to design their tables within an easy-to-use GUI interface. This level of flexibility means that whether you want to track how many backlinks your website is receiving or the average price for a single item on Amazon.com is. Rank tracker will give you all the data you need and present it in a format that works best for your needs.


Tracking tool is designed to give users a more in-depth and simplified way of tracking website rankings by giving them the option to monitor their site on both desktop and mobile search engines. Unlike other tracking tools on the market, we have ensured that all of our customers receive an excellent level of customer support. Businesses will benefit by using SEO tools like seobase.com to find new ways to market their brand online. By using tracking tool's features, companies will be able to create custom reports that are simple yet informative, which can help them make better business decisions when it comes to advertising on the web.

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