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What Are SERPs And Why Are They Important

What Are SERPs, And Why They’re Important?

What Are SERPs? Why SERPs are important in SEO? How to check SERPs? And Which SERP checker tool I should use? These questions are some of the basic questions every SEO beginner asks. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps ranking positions on the search engines to be highly competitive since users are more likely to click on the first page results. However, with the launch of the seobase SERP checker tool, SERPs are becoming easier to check. Our online SERP checker also helps you keep your rank at the top of the first page of Google. In this post, seobase explains what is SERPs, why SERPs is important in SEO, and how to check SERPs.

What Are SERPs And Why Are They Important


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What Does SERP Stand For?

What Are SERPs? In order to understand how SERPs work, we need to start with the basics and know the SERPs definition. SERP stands for search engine results page and it’s the first page of search result links that appears when someone searches using a particular keyword by typing it into a search box on a website. They’re often referred to as “organic” because they’re usually the most relevant results for a given query. However, SERPs also include:

  • Organic search results.
  • Paid Google Ads results.
  • Featured Snippets.
  • Knowledge Graphs and video results.

Google's algorithms determine the placements of the organic results. These results have earned their placements in the best results based on the content, most relevance to a particular search and several other SEO factors. The SERP includes paid results from SEOs and advertisers who bid on keywords via Google Ads. Also, Google Ads considers ad relevance a lot. However, the Ad placement goes to the highest bidder.

Why Are SERPs Important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

If you’ve ever tried to optimize a website for search engines, you know many different ways to do so. One of the most common methods is the use of keywords. However, while keywords are very effective at helping people find your site, they aren’t necessarily helpful for getting found by Google itself. That’s where search results come into play. The importance of the search results lies in their ability to determine how your site will appear on the first page of Google. In addition, search engine result pages are important in SEO because the more visible your content is on search engines, the more likely it is to receive more traffic. Featuring at the top of search engines result pages can be a massive success for your SEO efforts. Ranking on Search engines result pages increases your site’s visibility, improves website traffic and helps you get higher returns on purchases in your digital marketing campaigns. 

what are serps in SEO

Organic Search Results

In order to appear in organic results, websites need to meet certain criteria. These criteria include having relevant content, being optimized for mobile devices, and having a high domain authority score. Google's algorithm contains more than 200 ranking signals, and organic search results are determined according to those algorithms. Google's algorithm is very secretive and constantly changing; however, Google has confirmed that there are some key ranking factors that webmasters can use to rank on search engines, including:

  • Off-page SEO signals (also known as "backlinks")
  • On-page SEO signals (keywords on your page)
  • Website loading speed
  • Brand presence and trust signals

The standard organic search results snippet includes:

  • Page title (title tag)
  • Page URL
  • Meta description

Paid Search Results

There are two main types of search engine results pages: paid and organic. Paid SERPs are those that show up when users type a query into Google or another search engine. Organic SERPs are those that appear naturally in search results. In the paid search results, you'll find an "Ad" icon written in small font at the top left of the snippet to highlight paid search results. According to Rank Ranger, ads appear on 51.61% of search engine results pages on the first page. In addition, there is an average of 3.10 ads per page when ads appear. Although Ads will probably lower your click-through rate (CTR), people bidding on these keywords indicate that traffic is valuable. Extra Tip: You can target precise keywords with a lot of advertising and a high "commercial plan." You might not get many clicks. But the clicks you get are much more valuable.  

seobase serp checker tool

How To check SERP?

You can check SERP rankings using the best SEO tools such as seobase SERP checker tool to see how well your website ranks for certain keywords.  The search engines result pages checking performance will give you insight into how much competition there is for each term. If you find that there's not enough competition, you might consider optimizing your site for these terms. A SERP Checker tool allows you to see the actual-time search results from any location without using proxies and location-specific IP addresses. Ranking difficulty changes by country based on the top-ranking pages of each local SERP. So, you can also use an effective local SERP checker tool.   


Knowing more about search results enables you to better strategies and design your site's content. Keeping up-to-date with Google's policies is the key to keeping your website in good shape and ranking #1 on SERPs. It would be better to keep track of your website ranking by using an SEO SERP checker. You can use the seobase SERP checker tool to get the best results.

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