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What Is Dofollow Link

What Is A Dofollow Link, And Why Is It Important?

What is a dofollow link? Many SEO strategies are available now to make ongoing competition between sites. However, the different websites are not devoid of links, whether internal links refer to other pages within the same website or external links refer to pages on other sites. In SEO, undoubtedly, the external links are vital to your website. For example, you may already have read the SEO content term dofollow link.  seobase will discuss the definition of dofollow backlinks. Also, it will cover why the do-follow links are essential in search engine optimization (SEO). And how to improve your website rankings on SERPs and traffic by dofollow backlinks. Besides, how to create this kind of backlinks for your website and where to find good dofollow backlinks sources for them on the internet: See How to Rank #1 on SERPs


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What are the Dofollow Links in SEO?

The dofollow links remain an essential part of SEO strategy. It is a backlink that refers to your website. Google and the rest of other search engines use these dofollow links to crawl.  Dofollow backlinks are vital for search engine optimization and rankings on Google SERPs and other search engines. These backlinks are based on increasing the authority of websites through the creation of links that point to them. Therefore, a dofollow backlink is an essential factor within the organic positioning and more specifically link building. 

Dofollow Link Example

<a href="https://domain.com">hyperlinked text</a>

Examples of cases where you use Dofollow links

  • Internal links on your website point to other relevant pages or articles within the same website. Internal links provide a good user experience for visitors and help them deepen their understanding of the topic.
  • External links point to well-known sites that you trust, like Wikipedia, where you can add links to these sites with a dofollow tag. 

So, this strategy will not affect your site negatively, provided that you point to a link with relevant content on your website.

How to Make a Dofollow Link in SEO?

Creating a dofollow link requires highlighting the text on a web page and adding a hyperlink. However, if your website is linked to another site and the web admins of these websites don't choose to add the nofollow tag, the search engines will crawl to your page and improve your website's overall PageRank. See The Best Ethical Ways to Build Backlinks To Your Website Dofollow links are made by default in most website HTML editors for the anchor tag element. Most website HTML editors create for the anchor tag element, dofollow links by default. It does not require any extra coding unless you remove a nofollow rel attribute.

Why Are Dofollow Backlinks Important In SEO?

One of the most important factors of a successful SEO strategy is backlinks. In addition, since the dofollow link is part of backlinks, it is definitely an essential component of an effective SEO strategy. If you are a website owner, your main goal will be to raise your site's ranking on the search results pages. Therefore, a dofollow link aims primarily to improve the PageRank of a website and individual web pages. Thus, the website ranking on SERPs increases with the quality of the dofollow links that the website has. See Creative Ways to Create Backlinks

Benefits of These Kinds of Backlinks

  • Gives your website higher expertise and authority, in search engine optimization.
  • It is a trusted sign in SEO for search engine algorithms like Google algorithms.
  • Pushes PageRank value from the original website to the destination website, in search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Allows Google and other search engines to explore your content to index and rank your content faster.
  • Helps a web page rank higher based on the target keywords.

How Long Will it Take Google to Recognize a Dofollow Link?

To know the type of your backlinks, if it is a dofollow link or not. First, you will exclude the nofollow link; inspect the link in the browser and check the HTML code. Then, if the backlinks don't include nofollow in the rel HTML attribute, then it is a dofollow link. Otherwise, it is not. you need to follow some simple steps to check for dofollow links:

  1. First, right-click on a link in your browser.
  2. Next, select "Inspect."
  3. Then, check the anchor segment tag in the HTML source code if it includes the "rel" attribute.
  4. Finally, if you see a "nofollow" in the rel attribute, then the backlink is a nofollow link. Otherwise, the links are dofollows.

The rel attribute identifies the current connection and related documents. The search engine uses this HTML attribute to get more information about the link. In addition, it allows search engines to use the links for PageRank estimations.

Should I Dofollow an External Link?

Should I dofollow an external backlink? The answer to this question depends on two critical aspects; 

  • First, you need to ask yourself, where does the link lead?
  • Then, What are the benefits of opting for dofollow? 

Dofollow links direct search engines to your existing website content appropriately and accurately. Accordingly, dofollow links provide "link juice" to both the external site and your own website. If you're looking to boost your site traffic and the external site has a similar ranking to your page, the dofollow links are a good choice for promoting your website. You can't depend on one kind of backlink only. In addition, a promoted website in SEO should include both kinds of backlinks. Moreover, a mix of both of them on your website pages will boost the trust of the search engines to see your content as valuable content for PageRank points.


You can find many ways to boost your website pages on SERPs. These ways might take some time to show results. However, the dofollow backlinks will ensure your website is on top of SERPs. The do-follow backlinks are links from other websites that pass PageRank value to your site for SEO purposes. The more valued backlinks you can acquire, the more trust and authority search engines. seobase could provide you with the best SEO tools to boost your website and rank high on SERPs.



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