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What Is a Keyword Stuffing- Keyword Explorer

Using keyword stuffing is one of the most common black hat SEO techniques. Keyword stuffing in SEO is a misconception and leads to severe Google plenty. Google keyword stuffing penalty strikes hard on the websites as Google is not tolerant of its black hat SEO practices. 

Some may think there is no harm in using a more significant number of keywords while writing content on the website. But it is quite the opposite. The more keyword stuffing you use, the more damage you will cause to your site. Keyword stuffing will never help your site. 

In this post, seobase explains what is keyword stuffing in SEO. In addition, we give some examples for deep understanding. 

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Keyword Stuffing Techniques Lead To Google Penalty

In the past, Black Hat SEO practices such as keyword stuffing techniques were a good way to improve your site on search engines and show it on the first pages. However, now, with the development of the intelligence of search engines and their modern algorithms, they have begun to issue penalties such as Google keyword stuffing penalty. 


What is keyword stuffing in SEO?

According to regulations issued and constantly updated by Google or "Google Guideline," the definition of keyword stuffing is the practice of excessively filling a web page with keywords with the ultimate goal of manipulating the search giant's ranking system. Here are some keyword-stuffing examples to clarify the whole conception. 

Keyword Stuffing Examples

Some SEOs stuff keywords oblivious to the seriousness and consequences of what they do. In the following few lines, we show you some examples of keyword stuffing that will help you better understand what it is. We will divide keyword stuffing into visible and invisible groups to give you a clear and straightforward concept. 

Examples of visible keyword stuffing

 Repeating a keyword or number abnormally often out of context in a piece of content. For example, if you were advertising a crime novel, you would write the ad's content as follows. "The best crime novel you have ever read. If you are looking for a crime novel, you have already found the best crime novel. A wonderful crime novel. Our crime novel is unrivaled among other similar crime novels." This is clearly a Black Hat SEO practice. The keyword is mentioned about 6 times in about two lines. It is unacceptable in the SEO world! 


Examples of invisible keyword stuffing

On the other hand, you may find other content creators who are smart enough to know the importance of not messing with people's user experience. Thus they do not generate unwanted and unreadable text. They simply hide the text. You can use some clever ideas to hide text instead of pushing keywords right in front of your readers' eyes. However, be aware that this still falls under the black hat SEO practices that penalize a website with a Google keyword stuffing penalty.

  • You can make the text and background color the same.
  • Furthermore, you can stuff the keyword into the HTML code of the web page, such as a comment, meta, and/or alt tag.

However, it should be noted that search engines can find these illegit practices.

Can Black Hat SEO Practices Help Your Website?

The answer is simply no. Black Hat SEO will not help your site rank higher on the search results pages. On the contrary, it may harm your website's ranking. This is because content stuffed with keywords is simply not readable to users. In addition, search engines mainly aim to improve the user experience. Therefore, the ranking priority is high for sites that provide a good user experience without Black Hat SEO practices. 



You may welcome Google penalties if you repeat the keyword in your content on the web page. It should also be noted that the situation will not differ much in other search engines, as they all use the same approaches and rigor for SEO practices. seobase provides the best keyword explorer SEO tool to find the right keywords for your content. The tool generates various keywords to diversify them within the content on your webpage.   

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