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Why Monitor SERP Competitors Ranking?

Why Monitor SERP Competitor Rankings? First, ranking data is not simple for companies to measure or track. It may be the most complex data to track. Competition is always intense; companies must constantly monitor competitors and their ranking data. Furthermore, it is crucial to analyze your competitors to maintain their brand within the race. 

You can measure your ranking data through tools such as Google Analytics. But how do you measure your competitors' ranking data? You won't find a dopey competitor to the level when they give you access to their ranking data to see their organic search traffic volumes. However, it is not impossible to know where exactly your competitors are standing from you. You can use some other tools like the seobase SERP Checker Tool.

By viewing your competitors' SERP rankings along with your ranking, you can access some information such as;

  • Know where your competitors have an advantage over you for the most important keywords.
  • Use this data to make your site more competitive in search.

In this post, seobase explains the importance of tracking SERPs and why to monitor SERP competitor rankings using the SERP Checker Tool.

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Why Should You Monitor SERP Competitor Rankings?

Keyword tracking has many advantages that benefit SEO specialists and content writers. And one of the essential advantages is determining what works and what does not work in your site's SEO plan. Despite the many benefits of SEO tools and the importance of tracking SERPs and tracking how to increase and decrease the ranking of your competitor's site SERPs is still a complex matter. For example, if you constantly monitor your competitors, you notice that one of the keywords has increased your competitor's ranking. And that keyword stimulated the buying process. Therefore, you know that the purchases related to that keyword are going to your competitor. Accordingly, you determine how you can boost competition and overwork your competitors to attract the market towards you.  If you're monitoring your SERP competitors ranking as well as your own, you'll see that boost and can analyze what changed in the following SEO factors:

  • Increased number of backlinks.
  • Update an old page or post.
  • Redesign their site.
  • Improve their page load speeds.

Using that data as an analysis catalyst, you can identify your SERP competitors' tactics and strategies to outrank your site in organic search on SERPs. Also, tracking your competitors' rankings on SERPs helps you: 


Gain vertical-specific SEO insights.

Not all sites are subject to the same ranking factors. For example, if your site is educational, the main factor for ranking on results pages may be valuable content and a detailed explanation of the content. But if your site is news, the most important ranking factor may be news or proximity. You can see where Google places the most value by monitoring and tracking competitor SERP rankings within your sector.

Discover new SERP competitors.

If several competitors are dropping rankings at once, it is healthy for your website to feel suspicious and worry about your ranking. It's the right time to monitor SERP competitors and check the search results, as you and your competitors may have a new competitor that exceeds your expectations and overworked all of you.  


Catch algorithm updates early. 

Not all algorithms and numbers are necessarily accurate. You can suspect an algorithm update if your site loses some rankings, and you never have to worry about it. However, if many of your competitors you are watching suddenly lose their rankings, you must think again about the tool you are using. You can feel more confident that an algorithm update might be the culprit. You can use the seobase SERP Checker Tool to get accurate and detailed reports.

Identify volatile SERPs.

SEO SERP tracking results are constantly changing. Monitoring your competitors' SERP rankings gives you better, more accurate predictions of when ranking changes require action. If it a SERP drop, or is it just a symptom of the ever-changing SERP? 

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Why Monitor SERP Competitor Rankings: Conclusion

Collecting ranking data for your site and that of your competitors gives you an excellent opportunity to build high-performance SEO strategies. Monitoring and analyzing your competitors' SERP rankings allows you to identify what competitors are doing that will increase their rankings. In addition to the Google tools that you can use to monitor the performance of your competitors. You can use seobase tools to improve your site's ranking on SERPs, such as; seobase keyword explorer tool and SERP checker. seobase knows the importance of tracking SERPs, and that's why we provide an accurate SEO toolset that makes you an SEO pro. 

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