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How to Remove Spam Backlinks in 5 Easy Steps

How to remove spam backlinks from my website? It would be best if you found a satisfactory answer to this essential question to move forward to a higher ranking for your website on SERPs. Before answering this question, there are several matters you should know first. A healthy, high-ranking website is the thing every digital marketer is seeking for.

High-quality backlinks are essential to this goal, and to get high-quality backlinks to feed your site’s ranking on SERPs, you need to audit your site’s backlinks to find bad backlinks and see how many backlinks you should remove. Spam backlinks may stand in the way of ranking high on SERPs; it helps if you check spam score of the site regularly. Before we discuss how to remove spam backlinks, let us in this penguin link removal guide from seobase understand why this technique is so necessary.

What is the spammy links meaning?

Previously, many webmasters scored high rankings on SERPs by getting high-quality backlinks. As a result, they didn’t fall into the black hat SEO trap, such as sponsored, toxic, and spammy backlinks. Currently, suspicious backlinks can get a website penalized and lose ranking on search engine results.

Spammy links are unwanted links posted by some people on websites, forums, and blog comments. It also could be unrelated links stuffed into content or any other site on the Internet where the links. According to Google standards, spammy links are every link that is not legally acquired between website pages.

Google rejects spam links because some website owners use them unethical to create backlinks on pages that affect user experience or manipulate the site’s ranking on search engines.

The spammy backlinks take from your website domain authority DA “Link juice” without giving anything in return and significantly disturb websites plagued by them.

how to remove toxic backlinks

Why is it Important to remove spam backlinks?

Backlinks are very important for SEO in determining your website’s position on search engines. In addition, backlinks not only help to get higher rankings but also help in raising your site’s DA. Backlinks are an “approval seal” and acknowledgment that your website is trustworthy for search engines. Thus, search engine algorithms rank your website as a trusted website that improves user experience. As a result, these algorithms boost your site to a higher position on the top of the first page of SERPs.

In 2012, Google introduced a significant SEO signal of the algorithms called Google Penguin. This signal of the algorithms was a breakthrough in the future of backlinks and determined the importance of backlinks to sites. The primary purpose of the Google Penguin update is to set strict rules to identify sites that use unethical SEO techniques and penalize websites that indulge in black hat SEO practices.

Google Penguin’s second update

In 2016, Google released an essential update of the signal of the algorithms, the Google Penguin update. This update states two critical things:

  • Penguin is now real-time; as this change, Penguin’s data is refreshed so that changes will be visible much faster and effect shortly after we recrawl and reindex a page. 
  • Penguin is now more granular. For example, Penguin now reduces spam by adjusting ranking based on spam signals rather than affecting the whole site’s ranking.

In announcing this update, Google confirmed that it is intended to focus web admins on ethically creating stunning and attractive websites for fair competition.

After this penguin link removal guide from Google, it is clear now that when your website contains many bad and spammy backlinks, it doubts your credibility with search engines. Furthermore, this may indicate that you have resorted to unethical or illegitimate ways to obtain these backlinks, “Black hat webspam SEO .” Google called it “Webspam” to distinguish it from “Email spam.”

penguin link removal

So, here are some simple steps to explain how to remove bad backlinks:

Website owners should constantly perform a full backlink audit to determine what type of backlinks they have on their site to remove the bad backlinks. Doing this check manually can take weeks and stops you from pushing new content to your visitors. 

Fortunately, seobase offers you some tools that can help you filter backlinks based on different criteria. For example, you can use the seobase backlink checker to get a detailed report on your website backlinks. In this report, the seobase backlink checker tool will show malicious backlinks to your site and check spam score of site to remove them instantly. Here are some simple steps you should follow to remove bad backlinks:

1. Collect your backlink data.

The first step is compiling a list of all of the backlinks coming to your website from different sources. For example, you can use the seobase backlink checker tool to get this list. It is an easy-to-use online SEO tool; all you have to do is;

  • Enter your website URL, 
  • Click “Analyze,” 

And leave the rest to our tool.

In addition, you can use the Google Search Console to get your backlinks list. Ensure your website domain is connected to Google Analytics before conducting the checking. You can have your backlinks list in CSV format.

 2. Identify spam backlinks.

This step is critical in removing malicious backlinks on your site. After you have the list of backlinks, you will need to audit it carefully to;

  • Sort out the bad backlinks and distinguish them from the useful ones for your site. 
  • After you have the complete list of spam backlinks, you will now have the opportunity to check spam score of site of each of them. This is a feature that the seobase backlink checker tool offers you.

To find out which backlinks to get rid of, you should ask yourself several questions Is this link closely related to my website, is it useful for users, does it promote my site content, or is it just backlink stuffing? By answering these questions, you will clearly see the links that need to be removed.

3. Remove spam backlinks.

In this step, you can contact the web owners and ask them to remove the bad backlinks from their websites. Make it professionally without a threatening tone, you don’t want to get into a dispute; you don’t have time for this. 

In case they refuse to remove these spam backlinks, you will have to move forward with the next step. 

how to remove nofollow from wordpress

4. Track and monitor.

If the webmaster who caused the bad backlinks to your site doesn’t comply with your request, you should follow the legal methods according to Google. Give them no more than 10 days to respond and take action. Then, monitor what happens and changes to your site. In the meantime, you should track your site’s backlinks well to see if it has changed or not. You can perform a daily backlink check through the seobase backlink checker tool to get the best results.

5. Disavow the remaining bad backlinks.

If the deadline you gave them expires and they didn’t take any no action, you must take the necessary actions to ensure your site’s health. Google has provided you with a tool to conduct the penguin link removal process and disavow backlinks you do not want to link to your website. Be careful of this tool because it is a double-edged sword, and its wrong use may cause more harm than good.

  • First, create a list of links to disavow.
  • Next, go to the Google Disavow Links tool and upload your list.

This will tell Google not to consider these links when determining search engine rankings for your website.


Backlinks are so important to your website ranking on SERPs. Using all “White hat SEO” best practices will lead you to get ethical backlinks. Also, you can build backlinks in creative ways for your website to increase your website’s credibility on search engines. seobase provides you with the best online SEO tools to improve your visibility on the very first page of the search engines. The seobase backlink checker tool gives you deep insights into your website backlinks.

As a result, you can know who links to my website, find bad backlinks, get list of links from website spam backlinks, check spam score of site, and finally, remove spammy links. After reading this penguin link removal guide, you should know about the spammy meaning and how to find bad backlinks. Furthermore, it gives you great insights about how to check spam score of site and how to remove toxic backlinks

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