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The most advanced rank tracker tool on the market

The most advanced rank tracker tool on the market

If you own an online business, then you know the significance of ranking highly on search engine result pages (SERP). SEO ranking refers to the position of your website on the result pages of major search engines like Google. If your business website has a high Google ranking, it will appear among the top three results of search engine result pages. Also, a website with a high Google ranking will at least appear on the first page of search results on Google. What is the SEO ranking of your business? If you searched for the products or services that your business offers in your location online, will your business appear on the first page of the search results? To answer these questions, you need to utilize SEO tools such as rank tracker tool on seobase. Rank Tracker tool is a search engine result pages ranking tool for targeted keywords. It checks the performance of your website against specific keywords found by a search engine in your content. Although constantly looking up new relevant keywords for your content is a great way to stay ahead of the competition and boost Google ranking, you need a rank checker tool to ensure that the targeted keywords you use in your content are actually boosting the performance of your websites. Additionally, the tracking tool allows you to track the SEO ranking s of your business website across thousands of cities, states, and countries and provide performance reports that will allow you to make better-informed decisions when creating SEO content for your business.

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Why Keyword Rank Tracking Is Important?

Is your goal to optimize your business website for organic search? If so, then you need to utilize SEO tools for Google to track your keyword rank. Below are some of the benefits of keyword rank tracking. They include:

Keyword rank tracking helps you track your performance

The surest way to gain more website traffic and generate more leads is to identify what works for your content and what does not. Not every tip about optimizing website content out there will work for your website. The key is to find what actually works for your website so that you can focus on it and use it to drive more sales to your business. Keyword tracking tools like Rank Tracker tool will show you whether your Google ranking efforts are paying off and delivering the results that you desire. The performance reports given by the tracking tool will show you the strong and weak points of the techniques you're using to rank highly on Google. We recommend that you apply the favorable techniques more so that your website can continue to attract more traffic, which will boost sales. If you keep carrying out a particular task and the tracking tool indicates that the results are static or decreasing, then you should probably look for better Google ranking techniques.

Keyword tracking allows you to monitor your competitors

As we stated earlier, keyword tracking helps you analyze how your website pages perform in search results. However, you can also use keyword tracking tools like Rank Tracker tool to examine the performance and ranking of your competitor's website pages on search engine result pages. Keyword tracking will give you an idea of how your website pages rank against your competitor's business website pages for certain niche-specific keywords. If you realize that your competitors are ranking ahead of you in the majority of the keywords, we recommend that you create more content optimized with the keywords so that your website can perform better in Google ranking.

How to Select the Best SERP Keyword Tracker?

Now that you know the importance of keyword rank tracking, how will you select the best keyword tracker for your business among the hundreds of SEO Tools for Google? Well, here are a few factors to consider when selecting a search engine result pages keyword tracker for your business website. They include:

Identify your target audience

In order to find the right keywords for your business website, you need to determine who your target audience is. What words would they use when searching for the kind of products and services you offer online? Put yourself in the position of the customer. How would they think? Where are they located? Why would they need to buy your products or services? Once you have all that figured out, think about what your ideal customer would type on Google when looking for your business. Those words and phrases that the customer would use are the target keywords.

Study your competitors

Visit your competitor's business websites and go over their content. Which type of keywords are they using? How are they addressing their target audience? To find the target keywords that your competitors are using, check out their metatags. The list of target keywords that your competitors are using could help enrich your content and make you cover areas that you were missing before.

Pay attention to long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords refer to a combination of three or more words or phrases that are specific to a particular niche. If you aim to attract more website traffic to your business website, then long-tail keywords are the best. We highly recommend utilizing long-tail keywords since they are easier to rank well on due to low levels of competition. Your competitors are probably focusing on short phrases that are usually used by potential customers and ignoring the relevance of long-tail keywords. And this is how you stay ahead of the competition. By making use of all types of keywords including long-tail keywords. The more you cover all bases, the more website traffic you will receive, which will lead to more leads that will result in more sales.

Getting the right keyword tracker tool

Once you have all the above details in check, we recommend that you check out Rank Tracker Tool by seobase. The tracking tool allows you to track your SEO ranking easily, quickly, and more efficiently.

Best features of Rank Tracker tool by Seobase

Below are some of the best features of the ranking tool by seobase. They include:

Track keywords positions both on Desktop and Mobile

The tracking tool allows you to add new keywords to the ones you were already tracking before. You can also tag the previous keywords with the new keywords for better performance. This feature is really useful because you may discover new niche keywords that your competitors are currently using after you had already started the tracking process. In case some of the new keywords are similar to the older keywords, the duplicate keywords will be automatically removed. Another way that the tool tracks keyword positions are by creating a position history chart that displays the ranking positions of each of the keywords over time. This allows you to easily monitor which keywords are performing well and which ones are decreasing in performance. Seobase rank tracker   Thanks to the seobase platform, you can create keyword tracking for both mobile and desktop platforms. This will enable you to track SEO rankings on both your mobile phone and desktop.

Keep an eye on search engine visibility

As stated several times above, the tracking tool allows you to monitor the performance of target keywords on Google rankings. The tool will provide you with the search volume metrics of each target keyword. This will allow you to determine how popular a particular keyword is, how many users use it to search for products or services online, and how much impact the keyword can have on your website. Rank tracker - track search engine visibility  

Assign tags to multiple keywords

Tagging is one of the most efficient ways of categorizing the keywords that you are tracking. The SEO ranking(s) tool allows you to easily tag the tracked keywords so that you can monitor and interpret the information in a quick and simple manner. The tool does this by using color coded tags and assigning them to selected keywords. This allows you to organize, categorize and track the performance of each keyword easily compared to trying to track a pile of unorganized and uncategorized keywords.

Rank tracker - tag management

Flexible reports available

One of the things that make the tracking tool from Seobase one of the best SEO tools for Google is its scheduled reports. Whether you prefer daily, weekly, or monthly reports, the tool will keep you regularly updated on the performance of your keywords on SEO rankings. Additionally, the report feature in the tracking tool allows you to show your clients or employees the progress of the keyword rankings. For example, if you own a content writing business, the tracking tool allows you to show your clients the performance of the keywords you used to create their website content and how it is boosting the website traffic of their business. The tool will avail the following keyword details to your clients: 

Rank tracker - generate reports

  • Keyword position distribution
  • Keyword position flow
  • Estimated website visits
  • Performance index

The above keyword information will be availed to your clients in detailed scheduled reports.   Are you ready to boost the Google ranking of your business and boost its sales? Get in touch with us today for SEO tools. Seobase is an all-in-one SEO platform to boost rankings, run keywords analysis, check SERP rankings both on desktop and mobile, and outperform the competition. Visit us today and get access to Rank Tracker tool to increase your SEO ranking(s) and grow your online business successfully.

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