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how to get featured snippets

Here Is How To Get Features Snippets On Google

In the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization (SEO), staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses and content creators alike. One potent tool in this arsenal is learning how to get featured snippets.

Join seobase as we explore the featured snippets, the various types you can encounter, and most importantly, how to optimize your content to snag these prime spots on Google's search results page.


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What is a Featured Snippet

Before exploring how to get featured snippets, let's first grasp what a featured snippet is. A featured snippet is a summarized answer to a user's query, displayed prominently at the top of Google's search results page, above the organic search results. It's designed to provide users with a quick, concise answer to their questions without having to click through to a specific website.

Featured snippets typically appear in paragraphs, lists, tables, or, occasionally, videos, and they aim to provide users with immediate information in response to their search query. Content creators and marketers highly covet these snippets because they can significantly increase visibility and drive website traffic.

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featured snippets optimization

Why Featured Snippets are Important?

While learning how to get featured snippets, we also need to understand that featured snippets are important for several reasons:

Increased visibility

Featured snippets appear prominently at the top of Google's search results page, often outranking even the top organic search results. This prime placement significantly increases the visibility of your content and brand, making it more likely to attract clicks and traffic.

Enhanced credibility and authority

Learning how to get featured snippets signals to users that Google considers your content authoritative and relevant to their query. This enhances your credibility in the eyes of potential customers and establishes your brand as a trusted source of information in your industry.

Higher click-through rates

Studies have shown that content featured in snippets tends to enjoy higher click-through rates than organic search results. Users are more likely to click on a featured snippet because it provides a quick, concise answer to their query without the need to navigate to a specific website.

Improved user experience

Featured snippets aim to provide users with immediate answers to their questions, improving the overall user experience. By surfacing relevant information at the top of the search results page, Google helps users find the information they need more quickly and efficiently.

Competitive advantage

Learning how to get featured snippets can give you a competitive edge over rival websites and businesses. By outranking competitors in search results and occupying valuable real estate at the top of the page, you can attract more traffic and potential customers to your website.

Voice search optimization

As voice search grows in popularity, featured snippets become even more valuable. Many voice assistants, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, rely on featured snippets to provide spoken answers to user queries. By optimizing your content for featured snippets, you increase the chances of being selected as the voice search result for relevant queries.

Learning how to get featured snippets is essential because they offer a powerful way to increase your website's visibility, credibility, and traffic, ultimately helping you achieve your business goals and objectives in the competitive online landscape.

Types of Featured Snippets

Featured snippets come in various formats, each serving a different purpose and catering to other queries. Here are the most common types you need to know while learning how to get featured snippets:

Paragraph snippets

Paragraph snippets provide a concise answer to a user's query in the form of a text paragraph. These snippets typically appear for informational queries and aim to give a brief overview or explanation of a topic.

List snippets

List snippets present information in the form of a bulleted or numbered list. These snippets are ideal for step-by-step guides, recipes, or any content that can be segmented into a list format.

Table snippets

Table snippets display data in a tabular format, making it easier for users to compare different pieces of information. These snippets often appear for pricing, specifications, or comparative analysis queries.

Video snippets

Video snippets feature video content from platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. These snippets are triggered by queries that explicitly request video content or tutorials.

How-to snippets

How-to snippets provide a step-by-step guide or tutorial for completing a specific task. These snippets typically include numbered steps and are ideal for queries related to DIY projects, recipes, or technical tasks.

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what is a featured snippet

How to Get Featured Snippets

Now that we understand the importance of featured snippets, let's explore how to get featured snippets with content optimization:

Identify relevant keywords

You can learn how to get featured snippets by conducting thorough keyword research to identify the questions and queries your target audience is searching for. Tools like Google's Keyword Planner or seobase Keyword Explorer can help you identify high-volume, relevant keywords that you can target in your content.

Create high-quality content

Craft content that directly addresses the questions or topics identified in your keyword research. You can explore how to get featured snippets by ensuring your content is comprehensive, well-researched, and provides value to the reader. Aim to answer the query succinctly within the first few paragraphs of your content.

Structure your content

Organize your content using clear headers, bullet points, and numbered lists to make it easy for users and search engines to understand. Structured content will likely be selected for featured snippets, enabling Google to extract relevant information more effectively.

Optimize meta tags

Learn how to get featured snippets by optimizing your meta title and description to accurately reflect the content of your page and entice users to click through. While meta tags don't directly impact your chances of being featured, they are crucial in driving organic traffic to your website.

Use schema markup

Implement schema markup to provide search engines additional context about your page's content. This structured data helps search engines understand the purpose and meaning of your content, increasing the likelihood of being selected for a featured snippet.

Focus on on-page SEO

Explore how to get featured snippets by optimizing your content for on-page SEO factors like page speed, mobile-friendliness, and internal linking. A technically sound website improves user experience and increases the likelihood of your content being featured in a snippet.

Leverage multimedia

Incorporate multimedia elements such as images, videos, and charts into your content where relevant. Google sometimes selects multimedia content for featured snippets, particularly for how-to guides or tutorials.

Monitor performance

To learn how to get featured snippets, regularly monitor your content's performance in search results using tools like Google Search Console. Analyze which queries trigger featured snippets and identify opportunities to optimize your content further.

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Toolkit for Featured Snippets Optimization

Exploring how to get featured snippets requires careful planning, research, and execution. Fortunately, several tools are available to assist you in this endeavor. Here are some tools specifically designed to help with featured snippet optimization: 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google that offers valuable insights into your website's performance in Google search results. It provides data on impressions, clicks, and click-through rates for your content, including featured snippets. Analyzing this data lets you identify opportunities to improve your content and learn how to get featured snippets.

seobase Keyword Explorer

seobase Keyword Explorer is a keyword research tool that provides insights into search volume, keyword difficulty, and related keywords. By using seobase Keyword Explorer, you can discover relevant topics and queries that have the potential to earn featured snippets. The tool also offers data on search trends and competition, helping you prioritize your content optimization efforts

Google's Rich Results Test

Google's Rich Results Test is a free tool that allows you to test and validate structured data markup on your web pages. By implementing schema markup, you can provide additional context to search engines about the content of your page, increasing the likelihood of being selected for a featured snippet. The Rich Results Test helps you ensure your structured data is correctly implemented and eligible for featured snippets.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool that provides insights into the popularity of search queries over time. By analyzing trending topics and queries, you can identify content opportunities likely to attract user interest and potentially earn featured snippets. Google Trends also allows you to compare the popularity of different search terms and topics, which helps you explore how to get featured snippets.

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types of featured snippets


Featured snippets offer a prime opportunity to increase your website's visibility and attract organic traffic from Google's search results. By understanding featured snippets, how to optimize your content for them, and the different types available, you can position yourself for success in the competitive SEO world. 

Implement the strategies outlined in this guide to learn how to get featured snippets, and watch as your content earns its rightful place at the top of Google's search results page.

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